Heavy On The Rizz: The Most Charismatic Leading Men on TV

Characters are what can make a good show great.

And there’s nothing greater than a charismatic leading man.

It turns out that a bit of charm can go a very long way, whether it is used for good or evil.

Collage photo featuring TV's Most Charismatic Men
([Netflix], [Lara Solanki/Netflix], [Larry Horricks/AMC], [Troy Harvey/The CW], [Hallmark Media/David Dolsen], [Elizabeth Fisher/Paramount+])

Sometimes, the charisma, or “rizz,” is simply too good to ignore.

And we had to compile a list of some of the most charismatic leading men on TV.

Lestat de Lioncourt — Interview with the Vampire

Lestat Owns The Stage - Interview with the Vampire Season 2 Episode 3Lestat Owns The Stage - Interview with the Vampire Season 2 Episode 3
(Larry Horricks/AMC)

Lestat is many things, and not many of them are good, but to deny the fact that the hundred-plus-year-old has charm would simply not be accurate.

He oozes sex appeal and charisma, which has allowed him to get so many of the things he’s wanted over the years as he traipses across the world collecting victims.

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He’s cocky and unpredictable, but he knows how to get just about anyone eating out of his hand in no time.

Bobby Nash — 9-1-1

Cruise Bobby - 9-1-1 Season 7 Episode 1Cruise Bobby - 9-1-1 Season 7 Episode 1
(Disney/Chris Willard)

9-1-1‘s Bobby is incredibly likable.

Here’s a guy who has overcome alcoholism and tragedy. He runs into danger daily that most would run away from.

He also finds time to be a family man and a good friend to everyone.

His leadership and ability to give good advice would make him magnetic enough, but he’s also pretty handsome, which only adds to his charm.

Neal Caffery – White Collar

Neal On the Phone - (Tall) White Collar S02E14 Season 2 Episode 14Neal On the Phone - (Tall) White Collar S02E14 Season 2 Episode 14
(Myles Aronowitz/USA Network)

Neal is massively charismatic to the point of being a talented con artist.

He eventually learned to use his skills for good, but he could charm the skin off a rattlesnake while he was a bad boy breaking the law and getting rich.

You can’t help but love a redeemed outlaw with charm and charisma.

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His intelligence and humor made him the perfect all-around leading man.

But naturally, on top of that, he’s hot as hell, too!

Unique – Power Book III: Raising Kanan

Unique Makes A Decision -  Power Book III: Raising Kanan Season 3 Episode 1Unique Makes A Decision -  Power Book III: Raising Kanan Season 3 Episode 1

Unique has flavor. All eyes are on him when he walks into a room dripping in diamonds and the latest ’90s fashion on Power Book III Raising Kanan.

He commands all the rooms he’s in without coming across as flashy or intimidating.

He has style and a crazy appeal, which landed him the one woman he probably should have never landed: Raq Thomas.

But their clandestine love affair came about because Unique just could not be resisted on any level.

He’s just too charming to walk away from.

Harvey Specter – Suits

Harvey Tries to Impress George - Suits Season 9 Episode 4Harvey Tries to Impress George - Suits Season 9 Episode 4
(Christos Kalohoridis/USA Network))

Mike may have had the brains on Suits, but Harvey Specter had all the charm.

Anyone who touts that he plays the man, not the odds, is a confident son of a gun who knows that he can stand toe-to-toe with anyone and usually outcharm them in the process.

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With his perfectly coiffed hair and cocky smirk, Harvey has the charm of a used-cars salesman on the Fourth of July, making him one of the most genuinely likable S.O.Bs on television.

It’s part of what makes him a great leader, too, as, for the most part, you’d follow him to hell and back.

Rip Wheeler – Yellowstone

Rip Takes Care of Danger - Yellowstone Season 1 Episode 7Rip Takes Care of Danger - Yellowstone Season 1 Episode 7
(Emerson Miller – Paramount)

Rip proves that charisma isn’t about what you say or how much you say but about how you carry yourself.

He’s a man of few words, but when he talks, he makes it count, and he earns the respect of everyone around him on Yellowstone.

His stoicism doesn’t mask the natural charm he knows how to use when it calls for it.

His quiet magnetism makes him stand out from the other characters in the series.

Sir – Found

Sir Emerges from the Shadows- Tall - Found Season 1 Episode 12Sir Emerges from the Shadows- Tall - Found Season 1 Episode 12
(Steve Swisher/NBC)

OK, walk with us for a minute, no judgment.

Sir is utterly and inexplicably charismatic; how else could he successfully lure girls into imprisonment?

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Mark-Paul Gosselaar‘s natural charm flows through on Found despite how evil Sir is. Being shackled and dirty in Gabi’s basement doesn’t rattle him in the least or dull his charm.

It’s probably why many viewers can’t resist thirsting over him despite his misdeeds.

Colter Shaw – Tracker

Wilderness Thinking - Tracker Season 1 Episode 10Wilderness Thinking - Tracker Season 1 Episode 10
(Darko Sikman/CBS)

To be fair, pretty much any character that Justin Hartley plays tends to lean toward charisma.

He must bring something extra to the role, and we can see how it works on Tracker.

Colter Shaw is attractive, charming, and always down for an adventure.

He also can’t color outside the law and dive headfirst into the blend of private detective and treasure hunter without being able to charm people into telling him whatever he needs.

Father David Acosta – Evil

Father David - Evil S04E06 - How to DanceFather David - Evil S04E06 - How to Dance
(Elizabeth Fisher/Paramount+)

It’s the suit, right?

It’s totally the suit and piercing eyes!

Bless us, Father, for we have sinned because if being dazzled by David Acosta’s “rizz” is wrong, we don’t want to be right!

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He carries himself with a deceptive confidence that doesn’t always reveal some of his occasional doubts and insecurities.

He’s witty, down-to-earth, open-minded, and often has some damn (oops) great quotable on Evil.

Colin Bridgerton – Bridgerton

Colin is Searching for Love - BridgertonColin is Searching for Love - Bridgerton

Colin had to outgrow some weird and cringey flirtatious vibes.

But in his season, he turns out to be far more charismatic than we could’ve given him credit for, and we can’t resist how he looks at Penelope as if she’s his greatest adventure yet.

He may have picked up a few things from the subtly charming Anthony Bridgerton and Lothario Benedict.

Lucas Bouchard – When Calls The Heart

In Danger - When Calls the Heart Season 11 Episode 11In Danger - When Calls the Heart Season 11 Episode 11
(Ricardo Hubbs/Hallmark)

Regarding charisma, Lucas can be in a category all on his own on When Calls the Heart.

This man will make anyone, yes, including us, literally SWOON.

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What’s not to love about this charming Hallmark Channel hunk? He’s intelligent, kind, thoughtful, well-traveled, and a true romantic!

This list proves they are still making them like this, but not nearly enough, and that’s why this hottie has truly captured the hearts of Hearties everywhere!

Lucifer Morningstar – Lucifer

Subdued Lucifer Season 5 Episode 7Subdued Lucifer Season 5 Episode 7
Lucifer is subdued as Chloe talks to him about how he is struggling with losing his mojo. (Netflix)

Have you seen Tom Ellis?

Nevermind that. In addition to being devilishly handsome enough to seduce literally everyone, Lucifer has the wit and humor that tickles the mind as much as his physical everything tickles the fancy.

He’s mysterious enough to draw people in but personable enough to wear down one’s defenses. We shouldn’t expect less from the angel from hell.

He’s cheeky and fun but also absolutely terrifying, and the balance he brings with that makes him effortlessly one of the most charismatic characters ever!

Homelander – The Boys

He's Back - The BoysHe's Back - The Boys
(Prime Video (Youtube Screenshot))

Hey, hey, hey, don’t make that face!!

Hear us out!

Homelander is a complete and true monster on The Boys, but he also has the wool pulled over everyone’s eyes.

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Can you successfully do that without clocking in higher than he can fly on the charisma radar?

Absolutely not! Imagine what he could accomplish if he were a decent man who could put all that charisma to good use instead of evil!

Jamie Fraser – Outlander

Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser in Season 7 - OutlanderSam Heughan as Jamie Fraser in Season 7 - Outlander
(Courtesy of Starz/Robert Wilson)

Jamie is a man who has been put through the wringer.

And yet, despite all the terrible things he’s endured, he remains one of the most charming, lovable, swoon-worthy leading men ever to lead.

Jamie’s nobility, humor, resilience, and resourcefulness are some of his most shining traits on Outlander. The fact that he’s not infallible only adds to his charm.

His unmistakable allure makes other characters and viewers gravitate to him at every turn.

Spencer James – All-American

Making His Move - All American Season 5 Episode 8Making His Move - All American Season 5 Episode 8
(Troy Harvey/The CW)

The mark of a great leader is charisma, and Spencer James has enough of that to fill many stadiums.

No, literally. His particular charm and relatability often draw happy fans to the seats and bleachers, and they become thoroughly invested in his journey.

And for viewers, Spencer’s charm makes us invested in his journey on and off the field.

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People are naturally drawn to him, seek him out, and look to him, and he takes that responsibility with determination and pride.

He’s the King of Charisma, from his million-watt smile and outgoing demeanor to his genuine kindness.

Mickey Haller – The Lincoln Lawyer

Mickey - The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 Episode 1Mickey - The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 Episode 1
(Elizabeth Morris/Netflix)

Listen, what is it about those darn lawyers?

You must be charming and persuasive to persuade a jury or a judge.

And much like Harvey Specter, Mickey is very much both on The Lincoln Lawyer.

He also looks mighty fine in a suit (and one of his classic Lincoln cars), and you toss in that delectable accent, and the only thing you’d say he’s guilty of is being too charismatic for his own good.

Mickey Haller - The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 Episode 1Mickey Haller - The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 Episode 1
(Elizabeth Morris/Netflix)

We don’t want him any other way, though.

Any man who can finesse recruiting his ex-wife and her current husband as members of his badass, unstoppable team of associates has majestic charm.

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He’s also a loving and adoring father, a supportive and loyal friend, and a refreshing and inspiring character who battles mental health issues, making him genuinely relatable and grounded to many viewers.

He’s super attractive, too. Did we mention that? And the accent?

Nathan Brown – Upload

Copy Nathan - tall - Upload Season 3 Episode 1Copy Nathan - tall - Upload Season 3 Episode 1
(Liane Hentscher/Amazon Prime Video)

One of this girl’s issues with the Suits: LA Casting was that it didn’t star the other Amell.

Robbie Amell oozes charisma, and he effortlessly brings that into the role of Nathan Brown.

Despite often seeming like a total Himbo, Nathan is a genuinely kind-hearted, lovable guy with the best intentions.

And that was enough to inspire all the other characters around him. None of them could get enough of him.

The only thing better than one Nathan Brown was two!

Conrad Hawkins – The Resident

Decisions, Decisions -tall - The Resident Season 6 Episode 1Decisions, Decisions -tall - The Resident Season 6 Episode 1
(Tom Griscom/FOX)

We’ll always be a The Resident stan site, not to mention your go-to one for content about every single episode.

If The Resident was our baby, was Conrad our “daddy?”

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Seriously, this hot dad often carried Chastain on his back because of his personable demeanor and inviting dynamic with all of his patients.

The utter charm of Matt Czuchry carried over into Conrad Hawkins with ease, and we got six glorious seasons of being enraptured by his appeal.

Roger Sterling – Mad Men

Roger Sterling Vertical - Mad MenRoger Sterling Vertical - Mad Men
(AMC/YouTube screenshot)

Yes, Don Draper would be the obvious choice here, but Dick Whitman is too conflicted, too tormented to be truly charismatic.

Like a good Marlboro ad, he presents an attractive veneer, but the product he’s pushing is dangerously toxic.

Roger, on the other hand, possesses the easy charm of someone who’s never needed to sell himself.

Sure, he’s an old-money snob with some slight d-bag tendencies, but he’s quick with a joke; he knows how to mix a good cocktail, and you know you’re gonna have a good time if you hit some Manhattan hot spots with him.

Just don’t believe too many of his Mad Men promises. This is a guy who will say what he needs to say in order to get what he wants.

Joe Goldberg – YOU

Facing His Truth -tall  - YOUFacing His Truth -tall  - YOU
(© 2023 Netflix, Inc.)

Someone tell Penn Badgley to avert his eyes.

No, we’re not supposed to like Joe Goldberg; we get it, OK?

But how else could this man have so many bodies under his belt (in both capacities) if he wasn’t charming as heck?

Are we supposed to ignore that?

YOU Season 5: Everything We Know So Far

Joe is a self-important book nerd who internally judges everyone and everything around him, and who doesn’t relate to that on some fundamental level?

Somehow, his ability to charm those around him tends to supersede all of his weirdness and bad vibes, and we have to appreciate that on some level. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have a fabulous show to watch.

Lurking Close -tall  - YOU Season 4 Episode 3Lurking Close -tall  - YOU Season 4 Episode 3
Joe is always lurking, on the hunt for his stalker, while navigating the social elites of London. (© 2022 Netflix, Inc.)

Here’s our list of TV’s Most Charismatic Leading Men; now we’re turning it over to YOU!

See what we did there?

Do you agree with our list? Who do you think is missing? Let’s hear your thoughts below!


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